Delicious Raspberries for my Face

The weather is so hot and humid that my even my dry skin seems like an oil-well at times! I have the urge to wash my face every now,  but am scared to use face washes too many times a day for fear of stripping my skin of all moisture. I have very sensitive skin. Sometimes, even organic products irritate my skin if they are too strong. Washing with water alone doesn’t help. So what do I do??

That’s when APS Cosmetofood Raspberry Facial Cleanser came to my rescue!

I splashed my face with water and took a tiny drop of the cleanser. Once I start massaging it gently in upward circular motion as instructed, the formula spread quickly. I rinsed it off well with clean water and in a matter of few minutes, I had a clean and energized face.

The formula absorbs quickly and the delicious combo of raspberry and honey takes you by surprise while cleansing your skin. This cleanser can be used daily, and doesn’t dry up your skin. Honey moisturizes your skin while keeping it soft & supple. It also carries the goodness of Natural Polymer and Organic Acacea Senegal & Xanthan Gum to thicken, stabilize, and texturizes the foam while unleashing a veil of silky softness while Mineral Complex, a mineral cocktail, to stimulate the skin and re-acquire new energy.

The product comes in a white plastic bottle with pictures of raspberries on top. There’s a pump at the top, and a transparent plastic cap at the top to avoid any spillage. The bottle contains all the information about the product like, features, ingredients & directions to use the product. The only downside, though the bottle is sturdy and leak-proof but, it still feels slightly bulky to carry around.

Having said that It is a complete skin cleansing experience in which you would like to indulge yourself in!


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