All that you do girl…

A blog is a very personal space… You should only be writing about things that matter to you.

Now, am an emotional Piscean, and listen to my heart a lot. It has been 2 months and not a lot has happened since my last post, but today there was something that stirred me enough to pick up my pen, in this case, my laptop.

A common question we all face at what pint or other in our lives is – what is love?

Love is a lot of things, it’s the respect for your parents, the affection for your siblings or your children, and the strong attraction that you feel for a member of the opposite sex. Now the first two are bound by blood, whether you like it or not, you are tied for life, but the last, though definitely not the least, is just not a feeling, it is a decision, a promise.

Now once you have a compatible partner, you give your whole and soul to that person, but then there’s something that upsets you, bothers you, angers you, then what?

I say talk it out, go ahead, express what bothers you, and put the ball in his court to adjust his actions or somehow find a way to show you his desire to improve upon the situation. If he loves you, cares about you, then he would feel bad about making you feel bad, he would understand that making you go through this torment is unacceptable and try to do something to address this.

So pick up your cup of coffee and think, what if he can not understand that your negative emotions are his doing only…. Well, for all that you do girl, the decision is your and your hands only!


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