The first cup of coffee…

Coffee… a hot steaming one… I just can’t do without it in the morning… and am sure many of you would agree with me. I have a few friends for whom it’s their cup of tea, but for me it has to be coffee – the aroma, the freshness, the magic!

Now, what if there was no cup of coffee, am sure we’d wake up, yawn, groan on thinking what lays ahead, and wish we could go back to bed.

Morning motivation is not the easiest thing to find, and most of the exercises found on the World Wide Web are, sorry, but out rightly boring!!

Sound familiar?!

So what do we do?

The key lies in 3 simple things….


Everyone has that one thing that makes them feel good, for some it’s reading, some writing, some music, some cycling, some meditate, some playing the guitar…. Make a morning routine, spend that half an hour with yourself!


Just because your mind is in a box made of previous experiences doesn’t mean that there is nothing beyond in the world. Your possibilities are much larger. There is always a new perspective. The more innovative you get, more you can come up with new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas for the same old situation.


Focus on today and do the things you really want to do, and make it special. Think about that one thing you would like to accomplish for the day.. Do you want to make someone who has been down smile? Do you want to meet a friend you haven’t seen for a while? Do you want to take that next step in furthering your career? Think of one thing that could make you feel happy, and do it.


More later…. enjoy your cup of coffee !!


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